building simulation 2017
august 8, 2017

Conference Tours

Organized conference tours will visit several of the Bay Area's world-class research facilities and innovative high-performance buildings. Planning is still underway, but here are a few of the likely tours.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  • FLEXLAB reconfigurable buildings test facility – used for model validation
  • Virtual Design Testbed
  • Rapid Building Energy Modeler – LIDAR and IR mapping of existing buildings

Silicon Valley

  • NASA Ames Research Center Sustainability Base – innovative LEED building
  • Stanford University – Y2E2, central plant, and other innovative LEED buildings
  • Packard Foundation - zero net energy office building

San Francisco

  • PG&E Pacific Energy Center – Pacific Gas & Electric’s hands-on learning center
  • San Francisco Mint – energy-efficient renovation of National Historic Landmark
  • Exploratorium
  • California Academy of Sciences